Our Core Values:

  • Gratitude - we are always grateful and humbled to serve our customers.
  • Evolution - We always seek to evolve and move forward, challenging the status quo.
  • Integrity - We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and trust.
  • Transparency - We operate with transparency and honest communication.
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable.
  • Respect - We treat everyone with respect.
  • Fun - We take ourselves seriously, but know know how to have fun!

​​​Sustainable Organics on the Oregon Coast


Black Moon Farms is a large, 70 acre, organic farm along the Oregon coast.  Our primary crops are cranberries and blueberries, however we grow a variety of responsibly raised fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms as well.  The farm is certified organic by Oregon TILTH.

Our farm is the home of 25 sheep who help to keep the landscaping manageable! We also grow a variety of fresh produce in our greenhouse (peppers, basil, kale, tomatoes, etc.)

The farm participates on the World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers programs and we host participants at the farm to work in exchange for room and board. (WWOOF)

Black Moon Farms